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FAQs Playing Golf in South Africa

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about a golfing holiday in South Africa, and golfing etiquette in South Africa. If you have a question and we haven't addressed it, please feel free to contact us at

Is it free to carry golf clubs on airlines?
South African Airways and Virgin will carry clubs free. They stipulate a weight of 12kg-15kg in addition to your 23kg luggage allowance. British Airways charge £30 per flight. Domestic flights will be free, if they connect to your international flight. Singapore airlines gives a total weight allowance of 30Kg which includes your clubs.

Will our clubs fit into the hire car?
Depending on how many sets of clubs you have, we would recommend a group S vehicle (such as a small SUV style, or larger) so that clubs can be comfortably accommodated in the boot and out of sight. However if you are just 2 people, these bigger models can be expensive, so we would suggest that you put the clubs on the back seat. We would not recommend leaving them unattended in the car.

Do I need to have a handicap certificate?
It is extremely unusual to be asked, but we would advise that you carry one.

Do all Golf Cubs have caddies?
No, not all clubs will have caddies, but some do. You can choose to have a caddy even if you prefer to ride in a golf cart. Usually you will pay a small fee in the Pro Shop for the caddy which goes to the Club. They will then tell you the basic cost of the caddy and the amount to give him/her at the half way house. You can then tip over and above the minimum amount at the end of your round if you wish.
So for example;Pro Shop R20+ Halfway house amount R50 + End fee R150 + additional tip if you wish.

I have heard Fancourt have a compulsory Caddie policy? What is this?
Yes, Fancourt have introduced a scheme aimed at providing local employment. There must be one caddie per four ball minimum on Outeniqua and Montagu courses. You are encouraged to have a caddie even if you also want to ride in a cart. The caddies have colour coded caps which shows their level of knowledge, and there is a sliding scale of fees depending on their ability. Costs range from about £15 through to £20 for a round.

On the Links course at Fancourt, no carts or trolleys are allowed and one caddie pre person is compulsory. (Believe me, you will be grateful for the extra pair of eyes!)

Steenberg also have a compulsory 1 caddie per four ball for visitors.

Carts and Trolley Hire
Every Club will have carts and trolleys available but if you MUST have a cart, please let us know in advance so that we can pre book carts for you. Trolleys will be the pull type, not electric.

Some clubs include golf carts in their green fees, such as Pinnacle Point, Pezula, Leopard Creek and Pearl Valley. This will be specified on your voucher and on your itinerary. Otherwise you will have to pay for the golf cart hire at the Pro Shop, or we can pre book and pre pay them for you.

Will the golf club take credit cards?
Yes, all clubs will take credit cards but you will have to pay caddie fees and for any halfway house snacks in cash. You might also need some small change for a locker key.

Halfway House Etiquette
This is a tradition in South Africa and you are expected to stop at the halfway house unless instructed to do otherwise. They offer a range of snacks and drinks which are delivered promptly. South Africans can be seen tucking into full English breakfasts and other delicacies including Mince & Egg on Toast! You have a 10-15 minute window for the half way house stop. If you do not want to stop, you MUST ask the group in front if you can play through.

One exception to this rule is at Fancourt where you are not required to stop for halfway house, but it is still expected that you ask to play through. Some courses include a halfway house snack in the green fees, such as Leopard Creek, Sun City and Pezula. This will be specified on your voucher.

Will we be paired up?
Mid week you are unlikely to be paired up with other golfers, unless the course is busy. At weekends you will almost certainly be made up to a four ball.

Can we play at a weekend?
There are some courses that welcome non members at weekends but only a few in Cape Town. We have a good relationship with the clubs and know which clubs will accommodate visitors, so we plan your itinerary to maximise the opportunities for you to play, even on weekends.

Will my green fees be pre paid?
Yes, all of the rounds of golf in your itinerary will be pre paid for you and you will have a voucher to hand over to the Club. If there is any issue when you get to the Pro Shop please ask them to call the help number on the voucher. 

Will there be lockers?
Yes, all clubs will have a locker available for you, sometimes there is a small deposit for the key.

Can I shower?
Yes, all clubs will have showering facilities with towels, hair dryers and basic shower gel etc.

Is there a drinks cart on the course?
No, this is not usual but some clubs do have them. Work on the basis that you will need to carry your drinks/snacks with you, but you can replenish your stocks at the halfway house!

Can I have a lesson with the pro?
Yes, we can arrange for you to have private lessons or playing lessons. Just let us know in advance.

Will there be practice facilities?
Yes, all courses offer full practice facilities including a driving range, check the course notes on our website. Please make sure that you allow plenty of additional time if you wish to practice before your tee time.

I am told I can buy golf balls on the side of the road near some of the clubs?
Yes, there are a few places where you can buy 'pre-loved' golf balls. These are good value and you can sometimes specify your own particular favourite brand! Expect to haggle.

Do I need to take waterproofs?
The weather in Cape Town and the Garden Route can be wet and windy much like the UK and can also be unpredictable. We would suggest at the very least you take a waterproof top.

If you have any further questions about South Africa golf holidays please contact our golfing holidays team on +44 208 249 5919 (UK) or +65 919 412 56. (Asia) We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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