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South Africa Golf Holidays - Burn 721 Calories in just 9 Holes

Date: 03-03-2014

If you needed another excuse to book a South Africa golf holiday, how about using it as part of a weight-loss plan!

Scientists at the
Rose Centre for Health & Sport Sciences have studied how many calories golfers burn while golfing depending on if they walk with a caddy, walk and carry their own bag or ride in a golf cart. 

Not surprisingly, Dr Neil Wolkodoff found that the most energy was used whilst walking with bag (721 calorie burned in just 9 holes) followed closely but pushing a bag and trolley (718 calories) but riding in a cart was just 411 calories.

He concluded that a small amount of endurance training will raise your anaerobic threshold levels (the point where lactic acid build up begins to impair coordination and concentration) so the easier walking and concentrating on your putting should be.

Wolkodoff also suggests that there may be a mentally beneficial effect too from walking. It gives you the time and space to refocus on your next shot, particularly if you have just hit a bad shot. "Even one minute of walking down a fairway will probably do a lot of good to get rid of the adrenaline and stress hormones that get into your system when you are upset, " Wolkodoff said. 'The nature of walking flushes the system and has a calming effect. You can reclaim your rhythm. Its a natural response as opposed to a rushed one."NY Times Golf Blog

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