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Are golf bags allowed as part of an airlines luggage allowance?

Date: 09-06-2014

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the carriage of golf bags for golf holidays to South Africa. Is it part of the free allowance or will it have to be paid for as an additional piece of excess luggage?

For the most part this problem affects people travelling economy class or on low cost airlines where the standard luggage allowance is much stricter. Premium economy and business class travellers usually get a larger allowance.

From the UK, Virgin and South African airlines allow a golf bag upto 15Kg as an additional piece of luggage with no extra charge. This applies to the international flight and if connecting (and on the same ticket) you will also be covered for any domestic or onwards international flights in South Africa or to the surrounding regions, such as Namibia.

British Airways charge a flat fee of £30 per sector, so it bumps up the price by £60pp for a return flight.

Singapore Airlines allow a total luggage allowance of 30Kg which includes golf bags.

Domestically inside South Africa there are varying rules depending on which airline you fly. On South African Airlines operated flights you are allowed an additional 23Kg free of charge for sports equipment including golf clubs. However some flights such as those to the Kruger region are not operated by South African Airways, but subsidiaries SA Express and SA Airlink which do charge for golf clubs although it is nominal and is based on weight.Some smaller planes do have a limit on the number of sets of clubs that they can carry (usually 4) so we need to advise them beforehand that you will have clubs, to ensure that they can be taken on the plane.

Low cost carriers golf club allowances

Many people know someone that has had a run-in with alow cost carrier over one silly rule or another. Be warned, some low cost carriers DO NOT classify golf clubs as sports equipment!
Don't waste your money booking the sports equipment allowance if they have a separate golf bag section. This will be based on weight, not a flat charge like the sports equipment, and you will need to select a weight limit. So for example pay £20 for 15Kg.

If when you go to check in, your bag is over the 15Kg you will have to start paying an excess fee, which is much less reasonably priced. Read the small print carefully when taking golf clubs on low cost carriers.

If you have any questions about a golfing holiday in South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact our South Africa golf holidays team on +44 208 249 5919 or +65 919 412 56. Alternatively you can email us at:

Please note this information is subject to change, please ask us when you make your booking what the latest airline terms are.

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Top 100 South Africa Golf Courses 2014

Date: 06-05-2014

Golf Digest South Africa has published the 2014 Top 100 Golf Courses and it will no surprise to our clients that Leopard Creek and The Links course at Fancourt, are once again vying for the No. 1 spot. Both of these courses are popular with overseas visitors for golfing holidays in South Africa and feature in a number of our golf holidays.

This year sees a change at the top of the table with The Links coming out on top, a popular decision with Out of Africa staff, both in terms of the spectacular course but the welcome that our guests receive on arrival at the Links Clubhouse.

Small touches like a glass of OJ on arrival, complimentary fresh fruit & cereal bars on the starters table, as well as the usual tees, pencils etc all contribute to a memorable day.  The mandatory caddies are knowledgeable and a vital part of making an enjoyable round when balls stray from the carpet-like fairways.

Two Out of Africa guests have achieved a hole-in-hole on the course and their golf balls and names are recorded in the clubhouse bar. Our recent group from Raffles Country Club came close but it was the following day at Pinnacle Point that another hole-in-one was recorded by Alan Fong.

The bi annual Golf Digest Top 100 table is eagerly awaited by the clubs and golfers alike.  It takes into account criteria such as shot values, playability, conditioning and design variety and is judged by a panel of both South African and international judges.

There are also sub lists including the 25 most difficult, which is again topped by The Links with the Gary Player Country Club course at Sun City featuring at No.2.

Leopard Creek heads the Most Scenic category, and De Zalze in named as one of the best Finishing holes, with its stunning 18th that rises up towards the clubhouse and is framed by the mountain range.

The highest new entry is the Serengeti Masai Mara Course that has already hosted the South African Open twice. Located outside Johannesburg, this new Jack Niklaus designed golf course and wildlife estate, is perfect for anyone spending a few days in Johannesburg or heading north to the Waterberg.

The overall standings for the top 10 courses are as follows:

1. The Links, Fancourt
2. Leopard Creek
3. Gary Player Country Club, Sun City
4. Blair Atoll
5. Arabella
6. Fancourt Montagu
7. Pearl Valley
8. St Francis Links
9. Royal Johannesburg and Kensington East Course
10. Durban Country Club

If you would like to include a round at these courses, contact our South Africa Golf Holidays team who can discuss with you the best time of year to play, and assist with the planning of a golf holiday for you. Alternatively check out our golf itineraries which feature most of the top clubs and more.


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African Safari Holiday Weather

Date: 17-04-2014

When is the best time to go on safari?
That will depend on where in Africa you want to go and what you want to see. It is a huge continent with the countries such as Kenya and Tanzania sitting astride and just below the Equator and the southern countries such as Botswana, Zambia and South Africa firmly in the southern hemisphere. As a result the two regions have very different weather patterns.

Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holidays - Weather
East Africa generally has 2 periods of rain fall, March to May and October through to November. The busiest time to visit Kenya is July to Sept when the Migration is in full swing in the Masai Mara. If you wish to visit at this time of year it is best to visit well in advance.
The migration moves in a continual circle and reaches the Serengeti around November. This can be an excellent time to see the herds with  out the throngs of tourists.
If the migration is not on your agenda, there are a number of other wonderful reserves in Kenya and Tanzania with good year round game viewing, including the Big 5 game animals.

South Africa Safari Holidays - Weather
This vast country has a number of weather patterns which are controlled by the prevailing winds and the topography. As a result the 'winter' or rainy season affects different areas at different times of year. The Kruger has rains from December through to March; Madikwe is cold but dry from May to Sept, and Cape Town is cold and wet from May to Sept with an average daily high of about 18 degrees dropping to around 12 degrees at night. IN KwaZulu Natal there is a sub tropical climate and even in 'winter' you can expect daily highs of 23 degrees. The higher temperatures in the summer period of Nov to April bring large down pours triggered by the humidity.

Namibia Safari Holidays - Weather
The most pleasant time to visit is between April and October when temperatures are cooler and there is little rainfall. Game viewing in Etosha is good all year round but at its best in the drier months June through to September. August is always very busy and it is best to book accommodation well in advance.

Botswana Safari Holidays - Weather
The safari season runs from April through to October. May june and july are the winter months with cold nights and warm, dry days.  November through to March are considered the summer months with high temperatures by day that trigger heavy thunderstorms. However the downpours do not last for long and bring welcome relief to the humidity.

Zambia Safari Holidays - Weather
The most popular time for safari holidays in Zambia is during the dry season of April to Sept when game congregates near the waterholes. The 'Green Season' runs from December to April when lodges are quieter and relatively inexpensive but game viewing is restricted to less remote camps and bush camps are generally closed. 

One of the best sites for current weather is the BBC. You can look at the forecast for a certain region as well as historical weather patterns.

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Addington Group South Africa Golf Holidays

Date: 14-04-2014

The Addington Group enjoyed a memorable dinner at the superb Test Kitchen in Cape Town which has just been voted in the top 50 restaurants in the world.  As the tour drew to a close, it was a fitting end to the holiday.

The group have enjoyed a number of South Africa golf holidays with Out of Africa, this year the tour included safari in Madikwe, a stay in Sun City and golf at some of South Africa’s other top courses.

Despite a few weeks of rain in the area, the game animals in Madikwe were out in full, with sightings of the Big 5 including several leopard sightings, wild dog, hyena and many cheetahs. There was even a lion kill with an entire family feasting on the carcass – mum, dad, cubs and a few aunties!

Alas, Sun City closed its golf courses (due to the flooding) but the early arrivers were able to play a round at the wonderful Pecanwood Course, an hour’s drive from the resort.  The courses had become waterlogged and with a professional Sunshine Tour competition due, the management closed the courses to protect them. (Little we can do in this situation if it happens last minute, except refund the green fees or arrange golf at alternative courses.) The group enjoyed Pecanwood which is a Jack Niklaus designed course.

Once in Cape Town the golfers had to endure torrential rain at Steenberg which made the play very tricky. Large areas of the fairways became water logged, although the greens were still in great running order and proved very challenging. A hardy few made it through all 18 holes but most sought refuge at the halfway house and opted for an early hot shower.

Pearl Valley was played in blazing wineland’s sun shine and as usual, the course was in great shape. Scores improved dramatically on this testing track, helped by the generous fairways. A few balls were left behind but in general everyone seemed pleased with their scores.

A day of wine tasting followed with stops at Peter Faulke, Guardian Peak and Uva Mira which has the highest-grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the winelands. That might account for the reason why the wine has been selected by South African Airways and Swiss Airlines for their on board wine selection.

The final round of the tour was at Atlantic Beach with an unbeatable 4 over-par score recorded by John Cavanagh. (A life time best!) Everyone ended on a high note with the Cape sunshine returning for a few days whilst the group relaxed.

Out of Africa offer tailor made South Africa golf holidays, both escorted and self-drive. If you would like more information about golfing holidays in South Africa, contact us here, or call our South Africa golf holidays team on +44 208 249 5919 (Uk)or +65 919 412 56 (Singapore).



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Raffles Golfer's Hole in One at Pinnacle Point

Date: 20-03-2014

Raffles Country Club members have been enjoying a South Africa Golf Holiday reaching the dramatic Pinnacle Point Golf Course on the Garden Route on Tuesday. This stunning coastal course hugs the cliff tops at Mosel Bay and when the winds blow it can be a real handful.  However it was no match for Alan Fong who achieved a hole-in-one on the 148 metre par 3, 13th hole.

The event was celebrated in style with lunch afterwards at the clubhouse followed by a delicious dinner in a Cape Town restaurant that evening and talk quickly turned to who would be next! (No pressure gang!)

Pinnacle Point was designed in collaboration with Darren Clarke and has played host to a number of high profile golf competitions. The course winds along the Mossel Bay coastline with some holes played across ravines where the waves crash in the ocean below.

The group had previously enjoyed 3 nights in George, staying at the golfing mecca of Fancourt. The final day included a round of golf on the Links Course, surely one of the most challenging in the world and the scene of one of the highest cuts at any professional golf competition at 14 over par. 

The Link’s Course professional, Adam accompanied the group around the course giving some useful course management tips and helpful technique tips, which everyone enjoyed.

One afternoon everyone visited the town of Oudtshoorn, the Ostrich capital of the world and saw the Cango Caves before going to a working ostrich farm. Mary Yang was brave enough to ride one of the ostrichs, putting all the men to shame!

The group have now reached Cape Town and are enjoying some sight seeing before the final 2 rounds of golf and some wine tasting in Stellenbosch.

If you would like more information about our Group Golf Tours and South Africa golf holidays contact us at or call our South Africa Golf Holidays team on +44 208 249 5919 or +65 919 412 56.

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Raffles Country Club in the Kruger National Park

Date: 17-03-2014

Raffles Country Club group have been enjoying a Safari and Golf holiday in South Africa. After a round of golf at Leopard Creek they went into the Kruger National park for 2 nights, staying at the  Shishangeni Safari Lodge.

The first game drive into the park was amazing with 3 of the ‘Big 5’ accounted for before the group even reached their lodge. Elephant, Cape Buffalo and White Rhino were all spotted en route.

After some torrential down pours in the region, it was very wet in some areas but our Rangers did an excellent job of locating animals and giving the group and informative commentary about the habits and actions of the animals.

A healthy competition developed between the 2 vehicles as to who could spot the most mammals and birds from the safari check list with the running total standing at 39  by the end of the stay.

It was great to see so many rhino in the park after all of the terrible poaching that South Africa has experienced, and some of the group were lucky to spot a solitary black rhino, and get really close to him.

The pressure was on by our final game drive to spot some of the big cats and our rangers didn’t let us down. We chanced upon a sleepy pride of lions that comprised of 4 males and 3 females. The male lions were magnificent with their manes, and our ranger told us they were a coalition of 4 brothers.  The lions became interested in some prey animals moving in the distance and jumped up from their slumber but soon settled down again for a snooze.

The elusive leopards evaded us but with 4 out of 5 of the Big 5 under our belt as well as sightings of the rare African Wild cat, the Black rhino, kudu, hippos and some wonderful bird life, it was a memorable safari trip.

The group now leaves the Kruger region and heads to Fancourt in George to play 2 rounds of golf at South Africa’s premiere golf estate, including the world-renowned Links Course.

For more information about group golf tours and South Africa golf holidays, email us at: or call our South Africa golf holidays team on +44 208 249 5919 or +65 919 412 56




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Raffles Golfers at Leopard Creek, South Africa Golf Holidays

Date: 17-03-2014

Raffles Golfers at Leopard Creek, South Africa Golf Holidays

Members from the Raffles Country Club have begun their South Africa golf holiday, starting with a round on the top course in South Africa - Leopard Creek.
The 10 day golf holiday in South Africa also includes 2 nights on safari in the Kruger National Park, sight seeing and wine tasting in Cape Town as well as 3 nights at Fancourt to play on the Links Course, another illustrious course that has played host to the President's Cup.

 The Raffles group played today on a very wet Leopard Creek course, that has seen unusually high levels of rain over the last couple of weeks. However the sun has shone today if a little wet underfoot, both the fairways and greens have suffered but it is good to be out swinging the clubs and it hasn’t stifled the competition. Talk over dinner and breakfast has been non-stop about wagers.

Leopard Creek is one of the most popular requests for golf holidays in South Africa as it can be combined with safari in the Kruger which is a stones throw from the course, separated only by the Crocodile River. Golfers can spot the animals from several points on the course, or even on the course itself, with frequent visits from giraffe and antelope. The course is named after one of Africa's Big 5 game animals, which is celebrated through a series of statues.

Every tee box has a bronze statue of a leopard and illustrates the different parts of its day, starting with a morning stretch, through stalking, hunting and finishing with sleeping. 
Sightings on the course are rare with a special board on the Clubhouse wall recording each one.

The group have all been given a safari animal and bird check list to record their sightings, with a prize for the person with the most at the end of the holiday. There seems to be some cheating going on already and the non golfers will have an advantage having spent the morning at an Elephant Sanctuary walking and riding an African Elephant!

However the golfers have just pulled one back, with a sighting of a Nile Crocodile basking on the rocks in the lake that surrounds the 18th green! The group heads into the Kruger National Park to stay 2 nights at the Shishangeni Safari Lodge.


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